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Merchant Cash works directly with the lender in order to provide our merchants with the fastest funding and largest advances possible. We provide capital to businesses in all 50 states. There are not multiple underwriters and there are no banks that are involved. When a merchant applies for an advance they are working with one funding consultant and one underwriter. The point of a merchant cash advance is to provide quick funding for small businesses without applying through a bank or conventional lender. Banks make the process of building your business a hassle while you wait weeks, if not months for an answer.
Our company will make your merchant cash advance experience easy and hassle free. We approve our merchants for their advance within 24 hours and funds will be deposited into their bank account within 48 hours after approval. If you have been in business for 120 days and your sales are over $5,000 per month, we are able to create a customized funding plan for you.
Every business has unique requirements and every repayment plan is customizable. Merchants are able to choose from several different funding and repayment plans in order to find a fit for their business and industry. Don’t let a merchant funding company push you into one of their preset repayment plans only because it is easy and more profitable for them. Apply with Merchant Cash and choose what funding plans works best for YOU.

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Please Note: Merchant-Cash.net offers a merchant cash advance, not a loan product.

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