Merchant Funding FAQs

How long will it take to find out if I am approved?
Pre-approval is obtained within 2-4 hours. Funding can take as little as 24 hours.
How much can I qualify for?
Your monthly sales will qualify you up to $750,000.
How can I use the money?
Any way you choose.
Do I have to change my credit card processor?
Merchant Cash gives you the choice to either stay with your current credit card processor OR switch to our less expensive processor.
Will I be able to monitor the progress on my account?
You can log on to our merchant backend website (provided free of charge) to view your account.
Is there a penalty for paying back the advance early?
No. You can always pay off the balance remaining on the merchant cash advance at any time. Merchant Cash will actually discount the fee on early pay offs.
Do I have to pay off the first advance before I can take a second advance?
No. 75% of our customers take more than one advance and the majority of them take it within 60 days of receiving their first advance. All you have to do is pay off 35% of your first advance and send your Funding Consultant a recent bank statement. The money will be in your account the same day as when you applied.

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Please Note: offers a merchant cash advance, not a loan product.

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