Why Choose Us

Direct Lending
Merchant Cash partners directly with the lender. There is no third party that must sign off on the advances. The merchant faxes in their application with processing statements and within 24 hours the advance will be approved by one of our underwriters. Lastly, the agreement is sent to the merchant for final signature.

Lowest Industry Rates
There are no third parties that must be compensated for providing underwriting or funds. Your account will be assigned to one funding consultant and one underwriter. That is it. There are no other parties involved in the approval process. Less people equals lower fees.

Friendly Service
Our main office is available daily by phone and email. Most clients receive faster responses by email directly from their funding consultant.

Fast Funding
Merchant cash is able to deposit funds into your bank account within 72 hours of receiving your application. Your application will be approved within 24 hours.

Easy Renewal
Merchants are able to re-apply for a merchant cash advance in as little 30 days from the date of their first advance, even if your first advance has not been paid back yet! Contact your funding consultant for more information.


Please Note: Merchant-Cash.net offers a merchant cash advance, not a loan product.

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